A fallen boxing champ and a determined coach: their fight in the ring is nothing compared to the battle of hearts.

Skye Larsen, fighting to keep her late father's boxing gym alive, faces the ultimate challenge when asked to train Jordan Turner – the man she blames for her father's death. Yet, training Jordan offers a double victory: preserving her father's legacy and carving her own identity as a formidable boxing coach. But can Skye overcome her deep-seated resentment and mistrust to save the gym and possibly open her heart?

Five years have passed since Jordan Turner, once a celebrated boxer, left the ring amidst personal turmoil. His successful stint in modeling and managing his athleticwear empire pales in comparison to the adrenaline rush of boxing. Eager to reclaim his title, Jordan's comeback hinges on one person: Skye, his former coach's daughter, now the reluctant and only Larsen at the gym.

She's cold, uninterested, and guarding her heart. Jordan's toughest battle lies outside the ring – breaking through Skye's defenses to regain her trust and win the most precious prize of all.

This heated romance is a must-read for fans of Rocky meets The Proposal, blending intense sports action with fiery romantic dynamics. Get ready for a heart-racing journey in Training The Billionaire.