He’s a billionaire in search of adventure. She’s a no-nonsense biker chick fighting for her future.

My summer vacation brings me to a run-down Texan bar – and I crash head-first into a blast from my past.  

The foxy biker chick behind the counter stirs memories deep within me… and one look at her reignites my passion for her body. 

Christina wants nothing to do with me. But then we strike a deal she can’t resist – an exclusive week of biking lessons in exchange for me paying off her mortgage.

I’ve always been a playboy. But this time, I’m playing for keeps.

Cristina Fox

I knew I recognized Reece from the moment I set eyes on him. But I’m not about to reminisce about our wild one-night stand.

The bills are racking up and I’m on the verge of selling my bar. Then Reece offers me the chance of a lifetime. A few biking lessons won’t hurt, right?

Too bad reality doesn’t work that way… because I’m starting to remember why I ended up in his bed.