When your boss tells you to keep your client (who happens to be your ex) happy, what can go wrong?  

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? 

Wait, that’s a bad thing when you’re talking about an ex!  

What’s he doing at Imani Banks’ new listing? (Trouble!)  

Why is her boss telling her to make him happy? (Gulp)  

And is it really starting to snow? (Oh, crud!)  

They’re snowed in together in a remote one-room cabin. This should be torture…  

Instead, they’re both remembering the good times and forgetting why they split in the first place.  

They need distance, but there’s nowhere to go.  

So they start talking, airing their dirty laundry, and realizing that maybe those relationship-shattering problems can be repaired after all… but what are they going to do about sharing one bedroom when they’re remembering the good times? Can it’s over become stay with me when all is said and done?