When your boss tells you to keep your client (who happens to be your ex) happy, what can go wrong?

During a snowstorm, Imani Banks faces an icy problem: she’s trapped in a remote cabin with her ex, her current real estate client. Tasked by her boss to “keep the client happy,” her professional and personal lines are blurring faster than snowflakes in a blizzard. She wonders why they broke up in the first place as their old flames rekindle the more they talk.

The catch-22? The closer they get, the more they jeopardize their reputations and careers. And then there’s that one-bedroom situation—fuel to a fire neither can afford to let burn.

Faced with an impossible decision—reigniting an old flame at the expense of her career or maintaining professional boundaries and risking a second chance at love—Imani’s in a quandary that could leave her out in the cold in more ways than one.

Chill out with this hot tale of love, work, and impossible choices bringing two impossible lovers together in an unforgettable crescendo of untamed emotion and passionate lovemaking.

If the wintery romance of The Holiday melted your heart, or the twists of fate in One Day in December kept you turning pages, then Snowed In With the Billionaire is the steamy, snow-covered read you need. Journey with Imani through frosty dilemmas and heated memories as she grapples with love and career most tantalizingly.