When Stella wakes up the morning after charming a billionaire at a masquerade ball, she never expected the fallout…

Like billboards all over the city plastered with her picture and one phrase, signed by the one and only, most sought-after bachelor Camryn Javion Alvarez himself. Convinced she must be dreaming, Stella isn’t sure what to do next.

One thing is for sure, all she can think about is how they’d danced, flirted, and even kissed in the moonlight.

But that one phrase on all the billboards has her worried about her secrets and thinking about her life. Because they all say the same thing: Will You Marry Me?

If the unexpected romance of Me Before You touched your soul, or the grand gestures in Crazy, Stupid, Love. left you breathless, then The Billionaire's Billboard Proposal is your next can't-miss story. Dive into Stella's whirlwind romance, where love is larger than life, and decisions have citywide consequences.