Winning her heart is the wildest gamble he's ever made.

Kase owns eight casinos, juggles relentless meetings, and is wrestling with embezzled funds; it's a cocktail for a health crisis. His doctor's orders: rest. He retreats to his hometown for respite but runs into Anaya, his unforgettable ex.

His main problem? He's still hopelessly in love with Anaya, yet unresolved issues loom large between them. Unraveling this tangle is crucial; failing means living with the unending regret of lost love and festering old wounds.

The stakes are sky-high. Kase needs to persuade Anaya to lower her guard and give them a second chance, considering that doing so might rake up more pain for both of them.

One wrong move, and he could lose Anaya forever, the worst bet he'd ever lose.

If The Notebook's emotional depth touched you, or Sweet Home Alabama's sad reunion left you craving for more, The Billionaire's Bet is your next must-read. Enter Kase and Anaya's world, where love is the ultimate gamble and second chances are hard to come by.