He’s a billionaire in search of adventure. She’s a no-nonsense biker chick fighting for her future.

Reece Hunter's problem is simple but thorny: he wants Cristina Fox, a rugged biker chick and a memory from his past, to take him seriously. The catch? He's a billionaire playboy, and she's fighting to keep her bar afloat.

The clock is ticking. With each biking lesson, their chemistry sizzles, but so does the complexity of their situation. The deeper Reece gets, the harder it will be to keep his feelings in check. And his billionaire status? It's starting to look more like a barrier than a boon.

Can Reece shed his playboy image and prove he's worthy of Cristina's trust? If he can't, he risks losing more than just a summer fling; he risks missing a shot at real love.

If you were enchanted by the high-octane passion of Ride Steady or the clashing worlds in the Biker Billionaire series, then this unlikely love story, The Billionaire and the Biker Chick awaits. Dive into a tale where leather meets luxury and where love is the most unpredictable ride of all.