It started with a simple kiss...

For Kylan Murray, a billionaire playboy, the problem is more than skin-deep. He's ensnared by Gisselle Phillips, an enigmatic woman with a controlled life. What started as a casual fling with her becomes an obsession, endangering his emotional walls.

Gisselle is trapped in a life dictated by family expectations. Her main problem? Kylan offers to save her family's business in exchange for being his mistress. As she dives deeper into the entanglement, the stakes soar. Suppose she can't win Kylan's love. In that case, she faces an impossible choice: secure her family's future or follow her heart, which could lead to devastating loneliness.

As their faux relationship escalates, both must decide if real love is worth risking everything they've worked for.

If they don't resolve their issues, they stand to lose more than money or a business - they risk losing each other forever.

If the tangled web of emotions in The Marriage Bargain captured your heart, and you found yourself lost in the complex world of Pretty Woman, then Persuaded by the Billionaire is your next must-read. Step into a whirlwind of choices, sacrifices, and undeniable passion. Can Kylan and Gisselle navigate their way to true love, or are they destined for heartbreak? Discover the true price of love and devotion.