An accident on the slopes leads to a bitter feud that can only end in disaster… or love?

Tamara Decker, a fledgling skier, never expected to collide with Roderick Miles, an experienced mountain man with a chip on his shoulder. Roderick, initially rude and unapologetic, finds himself grappling with a powerful, unfamiliar feeling: regret. They're both lodged at the same mountain resort, which turns each accidental meeting into a powder keg.

Roderick takes a shot at redemption, leaving an unbidden gift of chocolates at Tamara's door. She sends them right back, but not without a second thought. There's something in Roderick's eyes—a glimmer that intrigues her. Tamara begins to ask herself, could the man who ruined her day also be the one to make her dreams come true?

For Roderick, the stakes are clear. He must make amends or risk missing the spark he never knew he needed. As for Tamara, she'll have to decide if Roderick's sudden change of heart is enough for her to let her guard down.

Discover what happens when a bitter feud becomes an impossible choice between holding a grudge and embracing a love sparked on the slopes.

If the icy tensions of The Cutting Edge kept you on the edge of your seat, or the slow-burn romance of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me warmed your heart, then Bobsledding with the Billionaire is the winter romance you've been waiting for. Dive into Tamara and Roderick's tumultuous journey, where the frosty beginnings might just lead to the coziest of endings.