Home Is Where the Heart Is - Or Is It?

Nobody tugs harder on Jade Harper's last nerve than Cory Morgan - the ruthless billionaire who's just bought her apartment building. With everyone else paid off and gone, her eviction is a ticking time bomb. But Jade isn't one to go quietly. On the brink of homelessness, she's got nothing to lose and takes the fight straight to Cory's plush office.

A man unaccustomed to resistance, Cory finds himself intrigued, if not unsettled, by Jade's audacity. Though he's sworn off love, something about her tenacity triggers more than just his competitive edge.

For Jade, confronting Cory was supposed to be simple, a matter of survival. But the electricity between them has her questioning everything. They're sworn enemies with no room for love. That never changes, does it?

Get ready to dive into a high-stakes game where love and shelter are the ultimate prizes. Can two people at war surrender to a truce that could cost them their hearts? Buy now to find out.

If you've been swept up in the electric rivalry-turned-romance of You've Got Mail or were caught between the lines of love and war in The Hating Game, then Bargaining with the Billionaire promises to be your next irresistible read. Dive deep into a battle of wits, wills, and want. Can Jade and Cory ever bridge the chasm between them? The price might be their hearts.