Becoming the boss' bride might be her worst accident yet...

Raegan Haynes wakes up with a wedding ring, a hangover, and a husband who happens to be her billionaire racecar-driving boss, Ari Gray. Her main problem? She's torpedoed her professional credibility by marrying a client. As she attempts to untangle this matrimonial mishap, her job hangs in the balance, and the gossip mills start churning.

Ari Gray, known for high-speed chases, now faces a different race: saving a shotgun marriage he's not sure he wants to escape. As pressures mount, he discovers he's addicted to Raegan's presence, making the stakes uncomfortably high.

The impossible choice looms: annul the marriage and salvage Raegan's career but risk their burgeoning affection, or stay in this impractical union that jeopardizes everything Raegan has worked for.

Their careers and hearts could crash and burn if they don't sort it out.

If you found yourself rooting for the unexpected couple in What Happens in Vegas or felt the pull of office romance in The Hating Game, then Accidentally Married to Her Billionaire Boss is your next must-read. Dive headfirst into Raegan and Ari's whirlwind of marriage and decide for yourself: Is love worth the professional pitfall?