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Hello October. Heading into the Stretch

Hello October. Heading into the Stretch

Two more books before Can’t Buy a Billionaire series finishes. The last two books are on preorder as I begin the next series.  I hope you have enjoyed the couples’ stories. I wanted them to vary as much as possible.

The new series page should be up the beginning of next month. This way I can take a small break before the holidays begin.

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Celebrating Black Business Month

Black Business Month is an annual campaign held in August to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African-American business owners. BBM was founded in 2004 by the National Black Chamber of Commerce to support black business growth and development. The organization sponsors local, regional, national, and international events that provide networking and entrepreneurship education opportunities.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce works with other minority chambers of commerce and community leaders to promote a common goal: “to encourage Blacks to become owners rather than employees.” While many businesses close after one generation or fail to transfer from one family member or friend to another without fail, BBM encourages those who make it through the difficult years with their business intact. To share what they’ve learned with younger entrepreneurs. Read down the post to learn about different ways through which you can support black businesses.

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Pet Hydration Awareness

Did you know that July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month? This is the perfect time to review our pet’s hydration habits and ensure we do everything we can to keep them healthy. It’s also an excellent opportunity to consider how our pets’ diets affect their hydration. Dogs and cats require daily water intake, just like we do. You must schedule regular visits with your veterinarian, who will check your pet’s teeth and gums for any signs of dental disease. A vet can also help identify any existing health problems that might be causing a decrease in thirst. This post will help us learn some of the benefits of water to our pets.

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Why Is Pride Month Important

From hiding in the shadows and honing the fear of coming out to loved ones, we live in the day when the LGBTQ+ community has now been recognized and somewhat accepted. This is not to say that there are no challenges, but the community has come a long way, and Pride month is proof of that. So, what is Pride month?

Pride Month is one whole month in the year dedicated to the celebration and support of LGBTQ+ culture, rights, and voices. Pride Month happens throughout June every year. June is both a celebration month and an activism month for the community.
Pride month is to celebrate the members of the LGBTQ+ community who lost their lives in the fight for freedom. To celebrate all that the community has achieved and fight for more freedom and recognition of our rights.

Across the country, the LGBTQ+ community rises up in pride and flies the rainbow flag. There are rallies, parties, memorials, drag performances, pride parades, and more in honor of the community and its members.

Why is Pride Month Important?

The month of June is very significant for the LGBTQ+ community because it was on the 28th of June 1969 that the gay community fought back for the first time. They refused the hate; they refused to bend their backs anymore and hide from who they were; they snapped, and it made all the difference decades later! This led to the famous Stonewall riot written in the sands of history. The Stonewall riot lasted for days with protests and marches all over the city, marking the beginning of freedom and the Gay liberation movement.

Pride month is important because it shows the community how far they have come. During this month, many can shamelessly flaunt their identities, come out of the closet and embrace who they truly are. Pride month is also about educating the ignorant, teaching people about tolerance and the history of pride.
During Pride month, members of the community flaunt a very colorful flag with a solid representation. Every color of the Pride flag has a significant meaning that every community member draws strength from. Hot pink for sex, orange for healing, green for nature, violet for spirit, indigo for harmony, and black and brown for inclusivity.

The entire community across the globe has risen from rejection, hate, intolerance, and inequality. This month brings the opportunity to show people the light while we enjoy the successes. Equality for all and unconditional love can only be possible if the community still suffers the effect of modern-day homophobia.

Pride month is a time for breaking out of preset societal molds and defining who we are. It’s genuinely bigger than the parades with the flag or the events; it’s an appreciation of the uniqueness of every individual’s identity.
Pride month is an ode to the community’s resilience, healing, hope, unique identities, and togetherness through trials. Pride month is a liberating season for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and it should be celebrated.

Feel free to fly your pride flag anywhere and anytime. If you’re looking to support the community, there are so many charities that you can give to.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a public holiday mainly celebrated in parts of Mexico and the United States to commemorate a military victory over Napoleon III’s army in 1862. The day is celebrated on May 5th every year. The day is also historically known as Battle of Puebla Day.
While the holiday is primarily celebrated in some regional places, the day has evolved into cultural heritage. Therefore, the importance of this day bears a lot of meaning to the Mexican-American people in the United States.

Meaning of the Day

Many people believe Cinco de Mayo to be the Mexican Independence Day. It is a popular misnomer that is lost on many people. It is important to note that Cinco De Mayo celebrates a battle from the history page in 1861. That year, Mexico had just elected a new president, Benito Juárez, an indigenous community member.
The new president had to oversee his country through an extremely tough period. Mexico was going through economic devastation after years of civil war. The financial crisis turned so bad that the new president had to default on debt payments to all the European governments.
Consequently, Britain, France, and Spain sent forces to Mexico in a bid to reclaim what Mexico owed them. Afterward, Britain and Spain struck a deal with Mexico and withdrew their armed forces from the country. However, Napoleon III of France decided to exploit this as an opportunity to expand his territory.

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An Excerpt from The Billionaire and the Biker Chick

Chapter 6: Furious Familiarity


“What can I get for you?” she asked.

Reece let his gaze sweep over her again, and goose bumps spread over her skin everywhere his gaze landed.

“Are you on the menu?”

Crissie refrained from laughing. She just winked and grabbed a shocking pink highball glass. Crissie quickly assembled the drink in the cocktail shaker, adding in the vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice.

Reece kept his eyes locked on her as she vigorously shook the cocktail shaker, poured the drink into the glass, and topped it off with cranberry juice. Crissie placed a cherry on top of the drink and slid it over to Reece.

He stared at her, puzzled as the glass stood between them. Crissie leaned forward and gave him a good view of her cleavage as she reached over and took the cherry by the stem, making sure to not touch the liquid contents of the drink.

Crissie popped it, placed it in her mouth, and took a few seconds to tie the cherry stem with her tongue. Reece watched her intently as she took the tied stem out of her mouth and placed it in between them on the counter.

“I am. I come with Sex on the Beach.”

With that, Crissie walked to the end of the counter and started serving the customers there. Reece flicked his eyes between her and the tied cherry stem. Reece was completely dumbstruck at the short conversation the two had just had. Never in his 28 years on Earth had he experienced such a fiery woman.

Reece slowly took a sip of the vibrant cocktail and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. He’d always been more of a Bourbon on the rocks type of guy. Reece keeps his eyes pinned on her as she serves the other clients in the bar. For a moment, he was so entranced by the beauty of her that he completely forgot why he actually came to the bar in the first place.

Crissie wrapped up a conversation with one of the regulars, handing him his old-fashioned, and walked back to Reece, who is now quietly watching her as he drank from the shocking pink highball glass. The view was very comedic. There was a silence between them, both of them just focusing on each other. Nobody could deny the apparent tension and attraction that hung in the air.

“Do I know you? I feel like we’ve met before,” Reece suddenly asked.

Crissie blinked a few times. Her past was a bit checkered, and she hoped that he was mistaken. “I don’t think so,” she answered, “I’m certain you’re not the type of guy someone would forget easily.” She had a coy smile on her lips. “What brings you here today?”

Reece kept staring at her, forgetting to process her question as he tried to place her in his memories.

“I am supposed to start motorcycle lessons today. It’s apparently a massive tourist attraction in this part of town.”

Realization dawned on Crissie and, with it, a sense of disbelief. Reece was her first client for the lessons, and, just as she had feared, he was her only client. Alex had mentioned it a few days ago after he had signed the man up. It must have completely slipped her mind and, after all of her innuendos, it was going to be a long few lessons.

Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Billboard Proposal

Chapter 1: Camryn Javion Alvarez

“I’m running so late,” Stella muttered under her breath.

Her aunt barely spared her a glance. Her mouth was moving, still counting her vitamins. Her cousins began a new round of fawning over one of the magazines strewn haphazardly on the couch. Mackenna was leaning against the loveseat, her body angled toward the French doors. “I wonder when he’s going to start dating again,” she said, her thumb flicking quickly over her phone. “It’s been like a year.”

“Eleven months,” Julia specified. She sighed dreamily, looking up at the ceiling like she could see something they couldn’t. “Just a few more days, and I’m certain he’ll have a new and improved girlfriend.” She gave Julia a knowing look as she spoke, and the two burst into a fit of giggles. Mackenna, who was about Stella’s age, rolled her eyes at her little sisters, but Stella noted the smile she bit back. Whenever Julia and Kiana talked about Camryn Alvarez, it was like they suddenly became teenagers again. Not acting at all like the twenty-four-year-olds they were.


The debut of her Aunt Eleanor’s latest fashion collection was just two weeks away. Eleanor had been buying animal print wallpaper and renting elaborate artwork of lions and zebras. Piling them in the garage in preparation for the intimate celebration they were going to host on the day of the collection’s launch. Stella knew her family well enough to infer that ‘intimate’ probably meant more than 50 people.

Camryn Alvarez hands down the wealthiest businessman in Naples—and most of America—would be there, at least according to Eleanor. He was known to support local businesses. It was only logical. Rubbing shoulders with the social elite of Florida would give him a good name, and a good name meant America would love him. America loving him would get him more customers for the family business he’d been running for the past five-ish years, a well-acclaimed consulting firm. Of course, getting more customers would mean he would make money.

And rub shoulders he did. Stella could barely comprehend that she might see him face to face in just a few days—if her aunt let her go.

Excerpt From The Billionaire and the Biker Chick


She woke up in a cold sweat, her hand searching all over the bed for him, but she came up empty. Her heart skipped a beat as she remembered that he was never coming back. He chose to leave, but she was left with heartache. She rolled over to his side of the bed and inhaled his scent deeply. It had slowly begun to vanish over the six months since he left. There she laid, relishing in the pain as happiness had once again escaped her completely.

She wanted so desperately to move on, to find someone new, but she couldn’t do it. He had been the only man in her bed for three years. Nothing made sense to her. How could a person just walk away from something so significant without even thinking about it twice? She should’ve known this was how it would have ended. After all, he had been at the florist all the time, and he never brought her flowers.

How could she have been stupid enough to believe he’d stay after all of the stories that circled about her and Zoe? She thought he knew her better than to take their words over hers, and yet, when he came to say his goodbyes, it hit her harder than a train. The depression clawed at her soul, making her skin crawl with disgust about herself. She wanted out so bad. She needed to escape the dark cloud that hung over her head and shield herself from the bright light of the sun. Still, instead, she pushed herself deeper into the pillow, hoping to catch another whiff of his scent before it left her as well.

The sadness had become like a drug, an addiction she couldn’t shake, not that she had the energy to even try and fight it. So instead, she buried herself deeper in the sheets, hoping, praying that he’d magically come to his senses and find his way back to her, to them. Deep down, she knew it was foolish to hope. Every person in her life had made a point to tell her too, but it was much easier to hope than accept the reality of the situation.

Even her mother had grown tired of the pity party she lived in. Every day she would come over just after nine in the morning. While her mother was there, she would beg her daughter to get up because life was passing her by. She didn’t care, instead allowing the sadness to consume her once more.

It wasn’t until two months later that she got up and had breakfast like she did before the breakup shortly after the eight-month mark. She showered, and washed her hair, did her make-up, and got dressed in her favorite clothes. She was done grieving a man that didn’t die. In her den of depression, she decided then and there that it was time to start living. Time to take back what was hers and time to fight for her own happiness. Even if it meant she had to lose everything in return.

She owed it to herself to live life to the fullest. On the other hand, she had no idea how to do it.

If I Suddenly Had Millions Of Dollars

The fantasy. I know we all do it. Fantasize a large amount of money hitting our bank accounts. I’m no different. While many are looking for winning lottery tickets, I wonder, how would they spend it? Big houses? Fast cars with speeds over 200 miles per hour? Not me.

I’m the type of person who never needed much. Just my current home paid off. It’s the only thing, besides house bills, we pay each month. I tell you when I wrote that check and paid off my car, wow. The feeling I felt was beautiful. I still think about that day. I’ve wanted a VW Beetle, let’s say, forever. My Barbies had a Bug. I had my Beetle for about three months when the opportunity came, and I paid it off.

I would do for my children, who are all grown, to give them the same amount to buy their own houses. This is a one time deal. I know for sure one would buy a home under the amount given and squirrel the rest away. He’s so much like me.

At the moment, I have two grands and another due in November. My oldest will be graduating in two years with his sister following two years after that. They have a choice of further their education or getting a one time deal.

My husband and I have already been planning to move to Poland soon. His father passed away last year and left him the apartment he grew up in. It needs a bit of reno, and that’s where I’d spend a bit of money. I have a budget earmarked now, but I would double it easy.

Vehicles are not needed with everything being less than a ten-minute walk. Including the train station and bus stops for long distances. Most countries are five to ten hours away.

Writing and traveling is a dream that I’ve had since I was about twelve. Giving the business a one-time amount, I would actually hire out a VA since I will be spending most of my time abroad. The dream.

Tonight’s Mega Million jackpot is $410 million. Of course, I have my tickets, but I might go and get a couple more. Wish me luck!

What Does My Perfect Weekend Look Like?

The image of an enjoyable weekend would be something like spending some quality time with family and friends and experience all that I could work out. Impromptu trips, get-togethers with family were all arranged well ahead of time. We had tremendous fun through those moments.

With everything with being an indie writer, I typically have to make my own perfect weekend. Most of the time, it’s not even a weekend. It could be a day or two he has off. Since it’s never the same, I check my husband’s work schedule.

My perfect weekend has always been staying in bed an hour later than usual with him. Any more than this, and our cat loses it. All the meowing. Plus, sticking her paw under the door to get our attention about her demands pretty much spoils the moment.

We’ve spent our “weekends” on the road here in Florida. One of my favorites was when we went to Coral Castle Museum in Homestead, which is close to Miami. A long drive, but worth it.

Our upcoming “weekend” will be a drive to the Florida Keys. As long as I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve never been, so it will be a first for me. I want to get a picture of me at the Southernmost Point buoy. The closest I’ll probably get to Cuba. A whole 90 miles away. At that point, closer to our home in Northeast Florida.

Many will say self-care is the perfect weekend thing to do, but I do self care just about every day. Once upon a time, I was in my office from 0800 to 2300. Every day. Seven days a week. The only days I took off were my birthday, our anniversary, and his birthday. The rest of the days were considered workdays.

Closing the office at 2100 during the week and it being closed for the weekend, was the best thing ever. I was close to burnout. Now, I won’t take any calls or respond to emails.
Let me ask you this. What does your perfect weekend look like to you?