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What Does My Perfect Weekend Look Like?

The image of an enjoyable weekend would be something like spending some quality time with family and friends and experience all that I could work out. Impromptu trips, get-togethers with family were all arranged well ahead of time. We had tremendous fun through those moments.

With everything with being an indie writer, I typically have to make my own perfect weekend. Most of the time, it’s not even a weekend. It could be a day or two he has off. Since it’s never the same, I check my husband’s work schedule.

My perfect weekend has always been staying in bed an hour later than usual with him. Any more than this, and our cat loses it. All the meowing. Plus, sticking her paw under the door to get our attention about her demands pretty much spoils the moment.

We’ve spent our “weekends” on the road here in Florida. One of my favorites was when we went to Coral Castle Museum in Homestead, which is close to Miami. A long drive, but worth it.

Our upcoming “weekend” will be a drive to the Florida Keys. As long as I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve never been, so it will be a first for me. I want to get a picture of me at the Southernmost Point buoy. The closest I’ll probably get to Cuba. A whole 90 miles away. At that point, closer to our home in Northeast Florida.

Many will say self-care is the perfect weekend thing to do, but I do self care just about every day. Once upon a time, I was in my office from 0800 to 2300. Every day. Seven days a week. The only days I took off were my birthday, our anniversary, and his birthday. The rest of the days were considered workdays.

Closing the office at 2100 during the week and it being closed for the weekend, was the best thing ever. I was close to burnout. Now, I won’t take any calls or respond to emails.
Let me ask you this. What does your perfect weekend look like to you?

My Least Favorite Food

The biggest issue for me is being called a picky eater. It’s not that I’m picky, per se. It’s more like things were not as I was told—my least favorite food: soul food. You heard me right.

Growing up in New York, both my parents were from the southern states. Naturally, soul food was the mainstay in the house. For me, not so much. I know how to cook all the greens, beans, and peas, but I don’t eat them. Nope. But I’ve always been the odd duck in the family.

It’s not like I didn’t try. I really did. But when I was told grits taste like farina and liver tastes like pork chops, trying any new foods was not on my menu. For years.
Even now, when I participate in a survey on Facebook about foods I would eat, I laugh. Typically out of 50, I might get 3.

Now, I’m trying to embrace new foods. To my husband’s dismay, Zimne Nogi or Studzienina will never be a dish for me, although I do love kielbasa. They’re just big hotdogs to me.

What A Typical Day Is Like For Me

Okay, so here’s the scoop of my typical day as an author. Of course, things are juggled around for doctor appointments, beach day and such.

I have established office hours Monday through Friday from 0900 to 2100. I will perform any administration work on Saturdays and record YouTube videos or work on my audiobook projects.

I spend 0900 to 1000 answering emails. If I don’t get to all of them, I’ll schedule the last hour of the day also.
At 1000, I start editing. I prefer to go back and edit what I wrote the day before. It’s the OCD in me. I can’t seem to go forward unless it’s done.

Depending on what day it is, I’ll stop at 1200 for a live stream. Otherwise, I’ll keep going until 1300.
From 1300 to 1400 is my break. I’ll get up for lunch while my exercise would be riding my stationary bike or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood.

I’m back at it by 1400 to work on a cover or blurb if I didn’t hire out for it. I may even format a book. I do have to stop for a hot minute at 1530 to feed the fur babies.
I’m working on social media from 1600 to 1700. Whether that be creating more posts to the social media app I use. Yes, this is a working dinner.

I’ll start writing from 1700 to 2100. Now you may ask, “Why so late?”
It’s not late for me. My husband usually goes to work at that time. Best time for me to work on dictating my book. Still a work in progress, though.
It’s then time to shut it down for the day. Clean things up and wait for him to come home.

This is how I have it planned out, but is it always like this? Nope. Sometimes I’ll get a narrator who finishes early, and I have to listen to their work. As long as my projects are completed on time, earlier is always better in the long run. I’m ahead.

First Book in the Series

Whew, book one is now in the finished column.

Not really sure how many books will be in this series or if I will break it up with another series in between or a couple of standalones.

Training the Billionaire will be released January 29, 2021. There’s a book trailer available.

2021 Book Schedule

My goal for the year is a book every other month with an extra one in December. Here’s a peek at a few upcoming books. I hope you enjoy them.

Let’s go! 

Releasing January 29, 2021

Struggling to keep her late father’s boxing gym afloat, Skye Larsen is asked to train the man she holds indirectly responsible for her father’s death.

Training Jordan Turner means being able to keep her father’s legacy alive while building a reputation for herself as a boxing coach. But can Skye put aside her anger and mistrust of Jordan to save the boxing gym, while keeping him out of her heart?

Who knew drowning my woes would lead to the best sex of my life?
That would be my bestie. She’s the one that made me go out, drink too much to forget that I’m practically homeless in two weeks if I don’t find a new job, and basically live it up before reality sucker punches me again.

Releasing March 26, 2021

Releasing May 28, 2021

He gambled on her once and lost…
Years ago, Casino mogul Kase Chapman knew what he wanted. He wanted Abby Mccray, hometown princess, pastor’s daughter, and love of his life. And she agreed to run away with him to seek their fortune.

Releasing July 30, 2021

She’s about to teach him how to go full throttle…
Billionaire thrill-seeker Reece Hunter entered the Two Fox Bar like he did everything else. Confident his money could get him what he wanted. And what he wanted was its sexy owner.

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