Will a billionaire's scheme and a doctor's dilemma end in love or will their lie?

Dante Rush's dying mother wishes to see him married. To fulfill her dream, he rashly claims he's engaged to her cardiologist, Lyra Brunet, without asking her.

Lyra's hospital teeters on financial ruin. Dante's proposal angers her, yet she faces a gut-wrenching choice: pretend to save her hospital or refuse and shatter a dying woman's last hope.

As the facade of their engagement crumbles, reality intertwines with pretense. Dante and Lyra are at a crossroads of deceit, obligation, and burgeoning affection.

With his mother's life and her hospital's future at stake, their sham engagement propels them toward a heartrending choice.

If you were enchanted by the charm and complexity of The Proposal and the heartfelt decisions of While You Were Sleeping, Romancing the Billionaire is sure to capture your heart. Dive into a story where duty, deception, and deepening affection collide, forcing Dante and Lyra to confront their true feelings. As their worlds interlock, will love or lies prevail? Join their journey to find out.