Getting pregnant saved her life. But it changed our relationship forever. 

Rose and I were high school sweethearts. We were reckless… and when I accidentally got her pregnant, it revealed a tumor that could have killed her. But before treatment, she lost the baby. 

Losing our child left a gaping hole in our relationship that never stopped haunting us. Our shared grief fueled me to become a musician – and years later, I’m a millionaire rockstar on tour around the world. 

But Rose never forgot about the child we lost. She’s only ever wanted to be a mother. But my jam-packed schedule seems to thwart us at every turn. 

And when my label slaps another two dates onto my tour – with another album soon to be in the pipeline – Rose reaches her breaking point.  

She hits me with divorce papers. She doesn’t want any of my fortune. All she wants is the fertilized eggs she saved before her cancer treatment – and she’s cutting me out of her life. 

I drop everything. I don’t care how many millions I’m about to lose. Nothing is more important to me than Rose. 

But I’ve got to put my money where my mouth is and start fighting for her… 

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