It started with a simple kiss…

Kylan Murray

It’s no secret that I’ve had my fair share of lovers. But no girl has ever caught my eye like Gisselle.

She’s so innocent and pure…and yet there’s a wild streak in her that ignites a fire deep within me.

One forbidden kiss is all it will take to make her mine.

But I should know not to play with fire – and what started as some simple no-strings-attached fun is about to spiral out of control.

Gisselle Phillips

Kylan is a breath of fresh air. After a lifetime of being controlled by my suffocating family, his secret love brings me to my knees.

He promises to invest his billions in my family’s business. All I need to do is be his mistress for two years.

Kylan can give me everything my heart desires… except love.

But I don’t want to be the girl Kylan calls up whenever he wants his next fix. If Kylan can’t share my feelings, I’ll have no choice but to walk away, no matter how painful that might be.

Our love started with a kiss, but it will take more than a moment’s passion to save us.

Bursting with scintillating sexual tension and exhilarating drama that serves up no shortage of forbidden love and unexpected twists, Persuaded by the Billionaire is a spicy billionaire romance novel that brings your deepest fantasies to life. Scroll up and grab your copy now…