One night. One billionaire. A web of lies too tangled to escape.

Struggling with unemployment and drained savings, Emily feels the clock ticking on her need to turn her life around. Her best friend coaxes her into a night of reckless abandon, and that's when she meets Ronan Waters—enigmatic, wealthy, and irresistibly charming. With bedroom eyes and a penthouse suite, Ronan offers her a brief escape from her spiraling life. She takes it.

Emerging from the intoxicating haze of their one-night stand, Emily realizes she's ensnared in a web of deception. Ronan doesn't know her real circumstances, and the allure of a future with him compels her to continue the lie. But as Emily finds herself further entangled with Ronan, maintaining her fabricated life becomes increasingly perilous.

The ultimate stakes reveal themselves as an impossible choice: come clean and risk losing Ronan along with any hope of a life less ordinary, or continue the lie and watch her already-fragile world shatter under the weight of deceit.

If Emily doesn't solve her problem, she faces a life of loneliness and looming financial ruin.

For fans of the sizzling chemistry in Beautiful Bastard, the high-stakes deception of Maid in Manhattan, or the tangled love in Bared to You, prepare to be enthralled by One Night with the Billionaire. Dive into Emily's world where one night can change everything, and where passion, secrets, and choices could lead to ecstasy or ruin.