She left me at the altar. Now she wants to have my child. 

When I was 18, my girlfriend Poppy walked out on our wedding day. I was stupid, and I didn’t realize marrying her would have been a mistake. 

Fast forward a decade and we’re friends with benefits. We even joke about our embarrassing past. I guess our closeness is a curse, because neither of us has held down a relationship for more than a few months. 

But when her last relationship collapses, Poppy is devastated. I finally discover her secret: she wants a baby. And it’s my fault she can’t have one. 

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe I’m still stupid, but I offer to have a baby with her. 

I’ve really done it this time… because I’ve never been this close to another woman in my life. Deep down, I’m still the lovestruck teenager who got left at the altar all those years ago.  

And I’m determined to make Poppy see that we’re a match made in Heaven. 

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