Welcome to Luxe Love League, a vibrant and diverse community of readers and promoters dedicated to the world of contemporary romance novels. Our focus is on stories that weave tales of love and luxury, featuring African-American protagonists and interracial couples against the backdrop of high society, royalty, and billionaire lifestyles.


Our mission is to champion novels that not only delve into the opulence of the rich and the famous but also celebrate diversity in love and relationships. We aim to amplify voices and stories that resonate with the beauty of multicultural romance.


  • Social Media Savvy: Engage with fans and potential readers online, creating and sharing content that brings the urban fantasy realm to life.
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  • Creative Contributions: Use your talents, whether in art, writing, or video, to create original content that supports my books.


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As a member of Luxe Love League, you are not just a promoter; you are a storyteller, an advocate, and a crucial link between my books and their readers. You help bring to life the diverse narratives of love and luxury, creating a space where every reader can find a story that speaks to them.