The fantasy. I know we all do it. Fantasize a large amount of money hitting our bank accounts. I’m no different. While many are looking for winning lottery tickets, I wonder, how would they spend it? Big houses? Fast cars with speeds over 200 miles per hour? Not me.

I’m the type of person who never needed much. Just my current home paid off. It’s the only thing, besides house bills, we pay each month. I tell you when I wrote that check and paid off my car, wow. The feeling I felt was beautiful. I still think about that day. I’ve wanted a VW Beetle, let’s say, forever. My Barbies had a Bug. I had my Beetle for about three months when the opportunity came, and I paid it off.

I would do for my children, who are all grown, to give them the same amount to buy their own houses. This is a one time deal. I know for sure one would buy a home under the amount given and squirrel the rest away. He’s so much like me.

At the moment, I have two grands and another due in November. My oldest will be graduating in two years with his sister following two years after that. They have a choice of further their education or getting a one time deal.

My husband and I have already been planning to move to Poland soon. His father passed away last year and left him the apartment he grew up in. It needs a bit of reno, and that’s where I’d spend a bit of money. I have a budget earmarked now, but I would double it easy.

Vehicles are not needed with everything being less than a ten-minute walk. Including the train station and bus stops for long distances. Most countries are five to ten hours away.

Writing and traveling is a dream that I’ve had since I was about twelve. Giving the business a one-time amount, I would actually hire out a VA since I will be spending most of my time abroad. The dream.

Tonight’s Mega Million jackpot is $410 million. Of course, I have my tickets, but I might go and get a couple more. Wish me luck!