Heartstrings and Dollar Signs: A Second Chance at First Love

Ten years ago, a moment in Ximena's homeless shelter changed his life. Now a billionaire, he's still haunted by thoughts of her. His main issue? He wants to repay her, but she doesn't recognize him, and her shelter's on the brink of closure.

Fixing this isn't just about repaying a debt; it's about acknowledging a lifeline that once saved him. If he doesn't act, Ximena's selfless world could crumble, and he'd lose his chance to reconnect with the woman who changed his life.

The ultimate stake is two-fold: save the shelter and win Ximena's heart. But there's a catch - Ximena is too proud to accept help. He faces an impossible choice: reveal his true identity and intentions, risking her rejection, or help anonymously and never gain her love.

Will his billions save her shelter and win her heart?

If you were captivated by the unexpected love story in Maid in Manhattan or felt the weight of hidden truths in Ever After, then Bought by the Billionaire is your ticket to a rollercoaster of emotions. Dive into a tale where the past meets the present, where billions meet heartbeats, and decide: Can money honestly buy a second chance at first love?