Ten years ago, I had nothing – and she was my guardian angel. Now I’m returning to repay the favor.

One moment in Ximena’s homeless shelter changed everything for me. Fast forward ten years, and I’m a billionaire with a wildly successful company.

I never stopped thinking about Ximena… and it’s finally time for me to pay her back for the help she gave me all those years ago.

Ximena has no idea who I am. I kind of expected that – but I won’t let it get between us. Her shelter is hanging on by a thread, and she’s working herself to the bone trying to keep the doors open.

I know she’ll never accept my help, but I’m going to give it to her anyway.

Ximena has spent her whole life caring for other people. All I want to do is give her the love she deserves.

They say money can’t buy love, but my fortune will save her shelter – and maybe it will help me win her heart along the way.