An accident on the slopes leads to a bitter feud that can only end in disaster… or love

Accidents happen, right?

Well someone needs to tell Roderick Miles, ‘cause he didn’t get the memo.

Tamara Decker didn’t mean to crash into him on the slopes—she’s just a new bunny slope graduate.

Did he have to give her a tongue-lashing she’ll never forget? (So rude)

And does she have to dream of him giving her a different kind of tongue lashing? (Oh my)

And are they really staying in the same lodge? (Oh, no!)

He really thought leaving her chocolates would make up for his bad behavior? Because she sends them right back to his room.  

Okay, so he has baggage. That doesn’t excuse his behavior, and Tamara isn’t about to forgive him…  

Unless he really pulls out all the stops. And he might, because the looks he’s giving her make her heart pound and leave her really wondering if he’s going to make her dreams come true… even the dirty ones.