Love was never part of their agreement.

It was meant to be a straightforward arrangement. He needed an heir to secure his wealth after the loss of his family, and his assistant Regina had always harbored dreams of motherhood. It appeared only logical to enter into a unique pact.

He would cover all expenses. She had the freedom to raise the child on her own terms. However, when her husband abandoned her, circumstances changed, and suddenly, Regina found herself sharing his villa.

No one else seemed more fitting to be the mother of his child. Regina was intelligent, stunning, and she ignited a spark in his heart. But falling in love was unexpected… That’s how he ended up sharing a home with his assistant.

That’s also how he embraced fatherhood once more. Yet romance was never part of their arrangement… and now, everything had become significantly more intricate.

Bursting with a passionate blend of unlikely love and runaway feelings, Billion Dollar Baby is a fun and sexy novel that will delight readers who are searching for a heartwarming love story with a happily-ever-after. 

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