Nobody is that heartless, right? Yes, Cory Morgan  is that heartless, and worse as Jade is about to find out…  
Rock bottom is the bottom, right?  

Jade Harper is learning that things can always get worse.  

The billionaire who bought her apartment building paid off everyone else to leave… except her. (gulp) 

She only has two months left on her lease, and it’s clear he’ll evict her once it’s up… (oof) 

But she’s not about to get kicked out on her rear end without a fight. (No way!)  

Now that she’s facing homelessness, what else does she have to lose? She might as well bring the fight right to his doorstep.  

Sparks are about to fly, but both of them have sworn off love. Good thing they’re enemies and that strong of an emotion has never turned to love, right? Right!?