The doctors told him he’d never be a father.

His childhood leukemia rendered him nearly infertile – a significant concern when one is expected to continue the royal lineage.

However, an unexpected turn of events at a fertility clinic presents him with the prospect of an heir. His aspirations of fatherhood seem to be within reach. Yet, there’s a looming issue: the life of a family that might be shattered due to his unexpected fortune.

Lily, having yearned for a child her entire life, finds herself at the center of this storm. Single, vivacious, and stunningly beautiful, he’s drawn to her from their very first encounter. While his legal team presents her with ultimatums, she remains steadfast. When they push too aggressively, he feels compelled to intervene.

This might be his singular opportunity to establish a family, but the challenge remains: Can he persuade Lily to forsake her life and career to embrace the role of his future queen?

Beautifully written as a gripping love story that boasts no shortage of drama, suspense, and feel-good emotions, Having Her Crown Prince’s Baby is a charming read that will capture your heart from the very first page.

                                                                              Available 9/14/2023