Becoming the boss’ bride might be her worst accident yet…  

Leave work at work, they say.  

Well, they’ve never had to deal with him, obviously.  

He’s a pain in the ass, demanding as hell, and he’s naked in her bed… (oh, goodness!)  

But worst of all, he’s her boss. (Oh, no!)  

And a couple of drinks led to a ring on her finger.. (oops) 

Now Raegan Haynes is accidentally married to Billionaire Racecar Driver Ari Gray.  

The headlines are going to have a field day. Her family is going to flip out, and her credibility at her job? Poof. Up in smoke now that she’s married a client. Will anyone take her seriously ever again?  

And how does his satisfied smile make her forget all her worries and make her cheeks burn in shameful excitement?