Amina made a rash decision in the heat of a passionate moment with billionaire rake Kieran Holland.
Now she may be a million dollars richer, but she’s also decidedly pregnant with his baby.
Kieran never made a decision he regretted. He took what he wanted and what he’d wanted four months ago was the virgin barista who’d needed money in the worst way. He’d overheard her desperate idea to auction off her virginity when he sat beside her and her friend while she was on break at the coffee shop.

He’d decided she was too sweet and naïve to be someone’s sweaty thousand-dollar dream. No, he’d pay her for her company at his sister’s wedding and demand nothing more.

But she’d offered.
And now she’s carrying his heir and a small piece of his heart. Dare he abandon his confirmed bachelorhood for a ready-made family with his barista baby mama?